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Run With the Truth!

Our Mission

Using horses to provide education, imagination, and support to individuals and groups so they may realize their full potential.

Site Status

Our website recently got hacked and has been down for a few weeks. The technology that we were using on our website was difficult to maintain not very secure. We have decided to rebuild the site and make it better than ever. We have backups of the old content and we'll be adding it back slowly. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime you can still schedule an appointment here

What our customers say about us

Our company leadership team greatly enjoyed our morning with Shannon’s team and her horses. We learned about the horses but more importantly we learned some key things about one another. One key take away for me was the opportunity to observe how our team members communicate in an unfamiliar environment. The lessons were valuable to each of our team members and will help me be a better leader for our organization. I endorse Shannon’s program and encourage other groups to consider her teaching.
Fred Caldwell
Caldwell Companies
From the continuing discussion the class though it was a “mountain top” experience and helped them so much in learning about their team and how they work within the team. That was exactly what I was hoping for. I would like for this to be a regular part of the LTASB class year.
Bill Rutherford, Ed.D.
Texas Association of School Boards